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Human In Progress

  Introduction Program    

In addition to being one of Nashville's most-booked piano instructors for the last 8 years, Caleb runs the online content creation brand Human In Progress. HIP is devoted to promoting self-improvement, social commentary and dialogue through YouTube videos,  podcasts, and original writing.


From reading Time Magazine's "100 Greatest Novels," to learning to ride a unicycle for no apparent reason, to discussing the rationality of hard determinist philosophy by way of Star Trek, Caleb tackles it all (or at least more than he should!).


To keep up with Caleb as he hopelessly tilts at his personal windmills for your enjoyment, visit

  Basic Program    

Check out the latest from the Human In Progress YouTube channel here!

  Yearly Program    

Visit the Human In Progress Podcast homepage here!

  Custom Program   

Read Caleb's musings, rants, YouTube scripts and more at the Human In Progress Blog here.

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