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About Studio C

Caleb founded the studio in late 2010, with the official grand opening on January 1st, 2011. Since then, Caleb has perpetually been one of Music City's busiest instructors, teaching over 23,000 lessons (and counting!). In addition to classical training, he has become known as an expert in teaching improvisation, songwriting, and solo piano composition.

The Programs -
Available Online or In-Person

The Way of the Pianist

"The Way of the Pianist" offers traditional fundamentals and physical technique to really set you on the road to becoming a pianist. You'll learn how to read sheet music, count rhythms, navigate the keys, and develop your sound and style while playing an ever-increasing range beautiful of piano music! Recommended for some young beginners, classical/solo piano enthusiasts, or those who have had traditional training in the past.
Find Your Song


Whether you're young or just young at heart, Caleb's personalized lesson plans and coaching style can help you reach YOUR goals at the piano. From Beethoven and Bach to Bon Jovi and the Bee Gees, Caleb can help coach you to make the music you want to make, and even create tunes of your own!

The Heart of the Artist

What if you want to write your own songs, or sing while you play the piano? (For those of you who are afraid of singing, this is optional!) What if you want to play WITHOUT learning to read music? This is the course for you! If your interest is primarily "songs with words," or you wish to just sit down and the piano and have music come out of your fingers on the spot, then this course is for you! Recommended for busy adults, highly creative types who are not interested in sheet music, and singers.

Online or In-Studio

Studio C offers modern learning solutions for a modern world. If you prefer the ease, efficiency, and convenience of online lessons, Studio C offers top-quality support for online learning, starting with live lessons via Zoom or Skype. Next, Caleb offers an exclusive suite of memberships to various training apps and programs, at no additional charge to your lessons.

The Total Musician

Do you want it all? You can have it! For those who wish to become more than pianists, more than hobbyists, this course gives you everything you need to become that which we all strive for: a truly complete musician. Theory, technique, music history, composition, it's all here. Caleb will customize your training to learn from these many areas at the right time and pace for each individual student. Recommended for most young beginners, and adult music enthusiasts with sufficient time to practice all the material.

  Caleb Hogan   
A Note From Your Instructor - 
Learning piano is a worthy pursuit, requiring your very best effort and application of your talent. I've helped hundreds of people work towards their goals at the keys, and if you're up for the fun (and challenge!) of studying piano, let's see what you can accomplish as we work together!

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